Visto’s CEO, One Delusional Man


Brian Bogosian, Visto CEOCEOs are a proud bunch and rightfully so, but there’s a fine line between proud and delusional which Visto’s CEO Brian Bogosian seems to be crossing. In an interview with BusinessWeek he was asked if he would like to put RIM out of business and responded with “Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a deal to be done. We want them to stop misappropriating our intellectual property.” Bogosian goes even further and says he intends for Visto to be the “last man standing” in the wireless-messaging market. Not in a few years down the road but in the next year and half.

Now it’s not impossible for Visto to be the “last man standing” but our bets are definitely against them. In regards to the push-email market, Visto is near the bottom of the totem poll. Even Seven their competitor that they successfully sued has more carrier relantionships than Visto, and both of them don’t compare with RIM. Visto is by no means a basement company, employing 100 worldwide and raising over $150 million in venture capital but compare that to the 4000 RIM employees and the billions of capital that RIM has at hand and things get put into perspective. Not to mention that Microsoft the largest software company and Nokia the number one wireless handset manufacturer have tossed their hats in the ring and you can just see how insane Bogosian’s comments really are.

Bogosian does redeem himself after saying that this “war” isn’t about who sells the most devices but a struggle for platform dominance. With all the patent infringement lawsuits going around it does give you that sense of feeling of winner takes all and not a case of wireless email becoming commoditize as many experts expected.