Fox News Addicted to BlackBerry


Brian Wilson, host of Weekend Live on Fox News, has posted a humerous little column on the BlackBerry addiction of the media in Washington:

If you do not know about the BlackBerry — good for you. It is an insipid little electronic gadget that does many indispensable things… In Washington, it is must-have technology. Press releases, tips, leaks and after-hours, extra-curricular social plans are all co-coordinated by BlackBerry. People walk around zombie-like, tapping on the little tiny keyboard and staring at the small screen.

Of course, Wilson does not separate himself from the pervasive ‘CrackBerry’ addiction:

I am an addict. This may come as a surprise to many of you who believe that I am a rather clean-living individual whose worst vices include the regular consumption of steak and the occasional utterance of a familiar barnyard epithet.

I wonder if RIM is working on a ‘CrackBerry withdrawal’ 12-step program in case the BlackBerry is shut down due to patent infringement.