SoonR: Another Remote Desktop Program


SoonR for Blackberry
SoonR is another piece of software that allows you to remotely access your desktop from your mobile or Blackberry device. There’s already a few services similiar like Avvenu but because SoonR does offer a few new things to the table we don’t mind writing about it. The basic rundown on SoonR’s technology is that it allows users to access their Windows PCs but what sets SoonR apart is that it has plugins that plug into existing desktop software. So one’s with Microsoft Outlook can easily check and reply to mail (not really relevant for us Blackberry users), search the desktop with Google Desktop Search, or even talk through Skype.

SoonR does not have a dedicated Blackberry client, to make SoonR compatible on a large number of phones they decided to do everything browser base. This does make the navigation process somewhat tedious and slow but it’s a small trade off.

We will do a full review on SoonR next week but in the meantime you can check it out yourself at