Live From WES: Welcome Reception


WES 2006 logo

BlackBerry Cool has arrived in Orlando and so has WES 2006! Today was only the welcome reception, but we were able to get in and get free food and a few drinks. We were also able to take some pics and scope out the booths we’ll be covering in-depth tomorrow. We did get a brief look at Sona’s BlackBerry Media Player, however. It’s too soon to tell how well it works (we’ll get a beta tomorrow or wednesday and take a better look), but running on a BlackBerry 8700 the video looked pretty good. On a 7130, however, it ran at a paltry 6-8 frames per second. More tomorrow, but for now here’s some pics.

The WES 2006 reception

Intel’s booth

The Symbian booth

Free food!

free booze!