WES 2006 Hangover: Voice on the Go


Voice on the Go logoWith so much happening at WES 2006 each day, it was easy to miss a few of the cool BlackBerry related products that are either out or coming out soon. Now that the conference is over, welcome to WES 2006 Hangover, where BlackBerry Cool fills you in on all the things we didn’t have a chance to report on during the show.

First up is Voice on the Go, a service from CablesEdge Software. Voice on the Go allows you to access email, contacts and your calendar through a voice interface. Paired with a headset, Voice on the Go basically gives you full BlackBerry functionality while spending long periods of time driving in a car. The connection to your BlackBerry is actually made via phone call, so regular users will end up incurring a lot of minutes, but those with good carrier plans shouldn’t worry too much.

Based upon the demonstration video at their booth and the number of WES attendees going crazy over the service, it seems like Voice on the Go could be a real winner. We’ll have a full review (along with carrier support information) as soon as they send us our copy.

For now, go to:
http://www.voiceonthego.com for more info.