WES 2006: Competitive Realities of Mobile Devices


Manufactures do not require a large R&D budget to succeed in the competitive mobile market because innovation is not dependant on investment; it is more important to offer the next big thing first. So what is the next big thing?

According to analysts from the Yankee Group and IDC, Voice over Wireless LAN is the next big thing. Dual mode devices are beginning to arrive on the market (both fixed and wireless) and therefore the attractive features provided by Voice over Wireless LAN are a reality. However, operators need to change their revenue models if this is to be embraced by the consumer (as it stands now, carriers are dropping VoWLAN features from handsets released in North America because they don’t know how to make money off of it yet). For this reason, the Forrester analyst stated that VoWLAN is a non-starter.

The Yankee Group discussed that the next big thing for mobile is collaboration tools and access to collaboration services, such as Blogs, Wikis, IM, Email, Search and Retrieve. Consumers and Enterprises are already showing interest in these areas and mobilizing these services is key. At the same time, the analysts also recognized the need to control the access and security features of these services as they extend into the enterprise space.