WES 2006 Hangover: AskMeNow


askmenow logo

Even at a fairly sophisticated conference like WES, you’ll see a lot of companies trying to find their niche in the mobile space with entertainment or ‘lifestyle’ apps. Case in point: AskMeNow Inc. and their ‘Mobile Lifestyle Network.’ AskMeNow is basically a mobile information service where you can find anything from hotel listings and restaurant reviews to stock quotes, or even horoscopes and trivia questions. You simply input the type of information you’re looking for and you’ll receive a text-message with the answer in a couple of minutes. We have to admit that at first the service sounds a little silly, but you’ll soon find yourself checking your horoscope daily while waiting in line for your morning coffee.

Each AskMeNow answer costs 49 cents, but you can always count on BlackBerry Cool to provide the sweet hookups. When signing up for the service, enter the promotion code “WES” and you’ll get an unlimited free 30-day trial. To learn more about how you can sign up, go to:


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