Sony Ericsson plans BlackBerry competitor


sony ericsson logoFollowing the success of their Walkman and Cybershot handsets, Sony Ericsson is planning the release of another mobile device focused on one feature to compliment voice functionality (the Walkman is a music-focused phone, while the Cybershot handset offers a high quality digital camera). Next up? A BlackBerry-styled model for the business and corporate market.

Miles Flint, President of Sony Ericsson, said he expected more and more handsets to be released in the future that are tuned to one primary use, similar to the email-focused BlackBerry.

“I don’t think we’re heading to the Swiss Army knife that does everything,” Flint said. He likened the handset market to the digital camera market, where video cameras can take still images and still cameras can do video but no single device does both very well.