Balancing Work with Vacation

Seeing as it’s Memorial Day today for our American audience and last week was Victoria day for our fellow Canucks, we thought this news article in the Miami Herald was particularly apt. The article deals with enjoying your ‘me time’ while still managing your desire to stay in touch with the office.

“I feel responsibility to my job and to the company to stay up on things and make sure things are running along smoothly. And, quite honestly, I don’t want to come back from vacation to a mess,” said Blackey, senior vice president of marketing and business development for the Charlotte, N.C.-based telecom services company. He has also been known to dial into business meetings while on vacation with his wife and two sons.

The article offers some pretty common sense solutions to managing office responsibilities while on vacation, but ones that might not seem so readily apparent to those who feel a constant need to scratch their CrackBerry itch (like your friends at BlackBerry Cool). Some of the recommendations are to appoint an office proxy who will know how to get in touch with you in case of business emergencies, limit your email checking to twice a day (sounds impossible, we know…) and to remember what’s really important:

With son Cortland headed to college in the fall and daughter Sarah already in college, ”it just kind of hit me that this was going to be my last chance to have a vacation with one of my children and I wanted to enjoy it,” said Mercer, a partner at Eric Mower and Associates.

Check out the rest of the article here. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

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