In-depth Motorola Q review


While we’re on the subject of reviews of “BlackBerry Killers,” has an even more comprehensive review of the Motorola Q up on their site. While the person who reviewed the Q is also the person who wrote the reviewer’s guide for Motorola, the review seems fairly straightforward and unbiased.

I was ready to purchase the Motorola Q after using it for the last couple of months and was quite surprised to see it available for only $199 after instant rebate with a two-year service plan. However, the Verizon Wireless minimum monthly fee of $80 makes it too expensive for the consumer, and too expensive for me to add to my collection. The business user may not balk at the monthly fees, though. One weak area of the Q as it enters the enterprise market to compete with the BlackBerry is that AKU-2 with push e-mail is not yet supported, and this may impact the business purchaser. You could set up the Q to sync at intervals as short as 5 minutes, so I honestly don’t know how important this ability is, but when you try to compare the Q to a Blackberry that has push e-mail out of the box this may make a difference.

While the Q marketing materials are targeted to the business, RIM Blackberry-type user, I think it will do well with the younger text messaging and multimedia crowd as well, and will have to stress the syncing options without AKU-2 to sell to the enterprise.