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Balancing Work with Vacation


Seeing as it’s Memorial Day today for our American audience and last week was Victoria day for our fellow Canucks, we thought this news article in the Miami Herald was particularly apt. The article deals with enjoying your ‘me time’ while still managing your desire to stay in touch with the office.

“I feel responsibility to my job and to the company to stay up on things and make sure things are running along smoothly. And, quite honestly, I don’t want to come back from vacation to a mess,” said Blackey, senior vice president of marketing and business development for the Charlotte, N.C.-based telecom services company. He has also been known to dial into business meetings while on vacation with his wife and two sons.

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Windows Mobile needs work


This may come as no surprise to those of you who read our Motorola Q piece last week, but it does affect the coming ‘smartphone war,’ so here goes. Grace Ho, director of Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Devices (MED) Division for Asia Pacific, admitted recently at an enterprise mobility conference in Melbourne, Australia, that despite the positive response to the recent release of Windows Mobile 5, Microsoft still has a long way to go with the OS.

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T-Mobile launches ShowMate in UK


ShowMateT-Mobile announced today that they’re releasing Impatica’s ShowMate — a device we reviewed fondly back in February — for their UK customers. If you can’t remember that far back, the ShowMate is a presentation solution that allows users to project PowerPoint presentations directly from their BlackBerrys. The most recent version of ShowMate now allows users to connect wirelessly from their BlackBerry to the ShowMate through a Bluetooth connection. Cool stuff.

The store retail price for consumer-level users is GBP 129.95, but BES users are looking at a price closer to GBP 699. For more information on the ShowMate, go to:

New Poll: BlackBerry clones pretenders or contenders?


Fellow blogger Om Malik (who is also a senior writer at Business 2.0 magazine) sent us an email heads-up about a new poll he just posted on his personal weblog Turns out that Malik wants to know which of the upcoming/already released mobile handsets has the best potential to be a BlackBerry Killer. Here are your options:

Nokia E61
Motorola Q
HP iPaq 6515
Palm’s Treos
Cingular 8125
None of the Above
No thank you, BlackBerry is perfect

Go here if you would like to vote in the poll. And make sure to read and post a comment — there has already been some spirited debate.

Weekend Contest “What’s your perfect device?”


With the strong reader reaction to news of the Motorola Q’s freezing issues yesterday, and today’s reports on what both US and UK users want from their handsets, the topic of handset design has been bouncing around the BlackBerry Cool watercooler all day. So we’re giving you a Weekend Contest threepeat and asking what you feel is necessary for the perfect device?

You can tell us what feature is the most fundamental to handset design. You can build your perfect device from scratch and give us all the stats. Or you can just tell us what the dealbreaker is: the one device feature you cannot live without. Post a comment and let us know.

The winner will receive 3 free games from Magmic Games. LAST WEEK’S WINNER was Pedro Leite, a proud zealot who thought the dominance shown by RIM in their Day 1 keynote was the biggest news of the show.

New BlackBerry “killer” soon to be announced?


the ogoTake this post with a grain of salt, folks. Tech news site The Inquirer is claiming that one of their sources in a major North American company knows the skinny on a data-only clamshell handset that is soon to be released as a “mass market version of RIM’s original BlackBerry.”

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