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Motly Fool rates RIM as potential bargain stock


Obviously basing their recommendation on our recent editorial, investment consultors The Motley Fool have placed RIM on a list of companies with potential to show huge growth in the near future.

Criteria for making the list include company efficiency, a stock price being beaten down well below actual value by industry pressures, and relative brand obscurity (I’m not sure if that last one really applies to RIM…).

Other companies of note on the list were Adobe Systems and Lucent Technologies. These stocks, like RIM’s, have not been given a “buy” rating, but rather a recommendation for further investigation.

Europeans want smartphones, not BlackBerrys


A survey of the CIOs from the top 250 European companies show that they believe the BlackBerry will eventually be overtaken by smartphones as the business device of choice.

This data is being backed by a report from IT consultancy firm Avanade, which states that:

“European blue chips expect to be using five per cent fewer BlackBerry devices in three years’ time, and seven per cent more smartphones.”

At present date, 43 per cent of European companies have BlackBerrys, 36 per cent use smartphones and 25 per cent use 3G phones.

US Happy with their Handsets


A J.D. Power and Associates report is showing that overall satisfaction among wireless mobile phone owners has increased 4% when compared to 2005, the second time in 3 three years customer satisfaction has increased significantly.

Overall satisfaction was based on performance in five key factors (in order of importance): physical design (24%), operation (22%), features (20%), handset durability (19%) and battery function (15%).

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Why RIM’s stock will soon rebound


It’s no secret that we here at BlackBerry Cool try to keep our hands out of the stock market game (we prefer a rousing match of Snakes ‘n Ladders). However, we can’t help but notice that RIM’s stock yesterday closed at $64.40 a share (Nasdaq RIMM), the stock’s lowest point since January 23 — back when RIM was still fighting NTP in their first patent lawsuit. RIM’s share price is obviously a reflection of investor concern over their patent fight with Visto and potential sales of the Motorola Q. However, looking to RIM’s future, it’s easy to see how their share slump could quickly rebound in the near future.

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Sony Ericsson plans BlackBerry competitor


sony ericsson logoFollowing the success of their Walkman and Cybershot handsets, Sony Ericsson is planning the release of another mobile device focused on one feature to compliment voice functionality (the Walkman is a music-focused phone, while the Cybershot handset offers a high quality digital camera). Next up? A BlackBerry-styled model for the business and corporate market.

Miles Flint, President of Sony Ericsson, said he expected more and more handsets to be released in the future that are tuned to one primary use, similar to the email-focused BlackBerry.

“I don’t think we’re heading to the Swiss Army knife that does everything,” Flint said. He likened the handset market to the digital camera market, where video cameras can take still images and still cameras can do video but no single device does both very well.

Jim Balsillie encourged by Supreme Court ruling


BalsillieJim Balsillie, RIM’s chairman and co-CEO made some statements in response to the recent developments in potential patent law reform yesterday while speaking at the Potomac Officers Club, a networking organisation for Washington DC business executives.

Encouraged by the Supreme Court’s ruling this month on eBay’s patent infringement case with MercExchange, Balsillie said that courts need to look at several factors instead of awarding near-automatic injunctions against the sale of products found to infringe patents. Balsillie also called on the US government to push for better intellectual property protection worldwide.

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