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SoonR believes you should be connected anywhere and anytime. The concept behind SoonR is basic, with your Blackberry or mobile device it allows you to access and retrieve the content from your desktop computer or any other computer you’ve linked to your SoonR account. This is actually not the first company to think of this concept, there have been a few that would allow you to connect and send files but no robust solution came out until Avvenu, a previous remote management program we reviewed. On the surface the two programs look very familiar but there are a few features that set it apart.

Installing SoonR is very simple, just need to download the Desktop installer and run it. There is no mobile client to install, everything is runned through the mobile browser. The only real configuration is selecting which file types and directories you want to access.

The main “killer” feature for SoonR is the ability to integrate with other computer applications like Google Desktop, Outlook, and Skype. The integration with Google’s desktop search is great and you can even specify what kind of file you are looking for to help Narrow search results to a specific data type. When data is retrieved the results are presented list-fashion just like Google, however you are also given a number of additional options that allow you to select whether you simply view the data, download it to your phone, convert it to another data-type (a PDF for example), it even has a “share” selection with space to enter contact emails for collaborative efforts.

Another bonus is that everything is centralized, you can run the client on as many computers as you like so those of us that have our content spread amongst multiple machines don’t need to worry. Also there is the option to search and list certain folders and filetypes, so when you do a search on one or multiple machines you don’t have to wait forever for the results to come back. A good use is to only view your My Documents folder, which is where most of us store our documents and other important files. We also like that images are automatically displayed in the listing instead of just a filename listing.

Make no mistake SoonR is a great program but it is very similiar to Avvenu, which isn’t such a bad thing because Avvenu is a great piece of software. Our recommendation would be to download both programs and test them out to see which one you prefer.

To download the program just visit SoonR’s website:

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