Lazaridis speaks about new BlackBerrys


Mikey CEO of RIMWhile this is from the same Globalcomm keynote that you’ll read about in the post below, we thought it deserved its own post. It seems as though RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis is continuing his trend of offering vague details about the upcoming ‘lifestyle’ brand of BlackBerrys that no one seems to know anything about. Except Mikey, that is:

“As it turns out, the next big thing is a smaller Blackberry … smaller, thinner, lighter, all of those things,” Lazaridis said during the keynote.

Lazaridis also added that while RIM is responding to consumer demand for more sophisticated applications like audio and video, they and other manufacturers must provide efficient hardware and software that do not clog up networks’ limited bandwidth.

“We have to be very careful,” he said. “Anything that is bad usage of wired networks becomes an incredibly bad usage for wireless networks.”

While he’s not really saying anything new (we already knew about the audio and video features), Lazaridis continued emphasis on “smaller, thinner, lighter” leads us to think that the new ‘lifestyle’ BlackBerry will come in ‘candybar’ form similar to the 7130g, most likely also featuring a SureType predictive text keyboard. Anyone who has seen images of (or been lucky enough to actually get their hands on) the 7130g knows that RIM probably can’t get much sleeker than that for what they’re looking to offer.

Lazaridis comments on the need for efficient hardware and software still has us dreaming of a potential iBerry release, seeing as Apple is well known for their excellent audio software and media compression technology. Maybe the ‘lifestyle’ device will end up looking something like this:


Although we want one in Apple white. Sigh.