Mobile Consumers want Convergence


A worldwide study of 11 countries commissioned by Nokia is revealing that striking numbers on the future of mobile convergence. According to the report, almost one in two people around the world now use their mobile device as their main camera, over two thirds predict a music-enabled mobile will replace their MP3 player and nearly half want to connect up their mobile device with their home electronics.

Tapio Hedman, senior vice president of marketing, Multimedia, at Nokia, said: “The results strongly demonstrate that people are buying into the idea of convergence – they really do want one device that does it all, from taking quality images, to storing their music collections and operating a digitally connected home. Our goal is to make it easy for people to have all of these experiences with them all the time – in a multimedia computer.”

More fun convergence facts:

— 44% of those surveyed use their mobile device as their primary camera
— 73% use their mobile as their main watch or clock
— 36% of respondents are browsing on their mobile devices at least once a month
— In Japan, 37% are browsing on their mobile on a daily basis (wow!)
— 67% of those surveyed predict the mobile phone will replace their MP3 player
— 42% want their printer, PC, stereo, TV and mobile device interconnected
— 58% would like to be able to control all their household appliances via their mobile