Chicago hotel offers CrackBerry detox


Sheraton Chicago

After posting the video above, we just couldn’t help chuckling after this came our way. Rick Ueno, general manager of the Sheraton Chicago Hotel, says he is now offering a free service to hotel guests where he locks away their BlackBerrys for the length of their stay so they can focus on having fun. Ueno came up with the idea after he needed to find a way to stop his own personal addiction.

“I was really addicted to my BlackBerry. I had an obsession with e-mail,” he told Reuters. “Morning and night. There came a time when I didn’t think it was healthy … I quit cold turkey. I run a hotel with over 900 employees and thousands of guests. I think I’m more effective. I feel better. I sleep better. My family likes it,” he said of his post-BlackBerry life.

It looks like the people in the YouTube video now know where they should be going on vacation.