Megafunction converged devices by 2010?


Slashdot has a link up to a IEEE Spectrum report stating that a new approach to technological design will allow for megafunction converged devices by 2010. The system-on-package (SOP) approach, developed at Georgia Tech, combines Integrated Circuits (ICs) with micrometer-scale thin-film versions of discrete components, embedding everything into a far smaller handset with far greater functionality.

SOP technology represents a radically different approach to systems. It shrinks bulky circuit boards with their many components and makes them nearly disappear. In effect, SOP sets up a new law for system integration. It holds that as the components shrink and the boards all but disappear, the component density will double every year or so, and the number of system functions in an SOP package will increase in the same proportion.

Apparently, the SOP approach surpasses Moore’s Law of technological development, meaning that by 2010 we should all have jetpacks and BlackBerrys that resemble “glitch” from the tv show Reboot.