More reasons not to own a Motorola Q

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A new review of the Motorola Q by the New York Times offers a few more reasons why BlackBerry users will probably find the device unpalatable. We had already heard that the Q was having problems freezing twice a day, but these myriad UI issues seem like a regression from the usability of the stalwart BlackBerry.

The Times review cites many small usability issues that add up to general annoyance with the Q’s Windows Mobile OS, such as the excessive number of steps to edit address book entries, save or send camera photos and navigate the application menu.

If only it really were a menu! Instead, you see jumbo icons. Only six of them fit on the screen at once (three across, two rows). If you want a program on the last row, you have to scroll seven times, pausing each time to make sure you haven’t overshot, by pressing the down-arrow key (or turning the notched thumbwheel). Why no list-view option? Better yet, why can’t you type the first letter of the program you want, as on the Treo? On the Q, that whole alphabet keyboard just sits there, wasted.

The Times article also pointed to a lack of in-menu Copy and Paste commands, preventing users from grabbing text from web pages and emails for later use. The reviewer offers this final thought:

Maybe Motorola thought that this dumbing down would help make the Q the BlackBerry for the masses. But average Joes are people, too. Why is it O.K. to waste their time?

While my personal BlackBerry 8700r may not be as sexy as the Q, I would much rather keep it and all of its wonderful functionality than use a device that looks great but works like a dud. I’m sure most BlackBerry Cool readers would agree.

  • John
    Let me ask you this: have you even TRIED using a Q yourself? Or are you just going to bash something that isn't a BB because you can?
  • Bill
    We have just replaced our entire stock of bb's for the Motorola Q without complaint and this is week 2 with Newspaper reporters and television reporters giving RAVE reviews...
    plus we saved over $50k in BB licensing as the Q has an exchange CAL built in... so far yes there are the minor issues and lockups but it is after all a PC... we overwhelming cheers from ALL or our really funny that only the BB centric sites bash the Q as all Pocket PC sites see the Q as a HOLY Grail...I for one will be glad to see the BB domination dissolve and the pocket pc dominate..
  • Jim
    I too own a BlackBerry and also have had the Q for a couple days and I must agree with the article and the BB Cool site - they're both right on. The Q is a dud. While I'll give you that the multimedia capabilities are obviously a bonus and the RF is great. Everything else is junk. The OS seems like it was built by someone in their garage, it's way too wide and the ergonomics leave a lot to be desired.

    I moved back to yhe 7130e today.
  • Brandon
    Works like a dud? At least be a bit objective in your assessment, since you run a professional website. Yes, you are a BB site, but at least cut the bashing just a little bit to save grace.

    I look at your site daily, since I own an 8700g. I now own a Q, and while it has a few things to get used to, it certainly is not a dud. My 8700g is a great device, but the Q offers a lot more functionality and is a super phone...besides working quite well, itself, with email through a MS Exchange server (

    With all this bashing of competitive products by you, I'm questioning whether this is the best place for me. Take it for what it's worth...
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