Cingular, Rogers soft-launch BIS 2.0


Rogers logoThe other day I was having problems with the Rogers email address synced to my BlackBerry through their BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). After calling and receiving some excellent service from their customer support, they tipped me off to the fact that they’ve quietly upgraded their BIS. What does this mean, exactly? Well, for starters, the BIS 2.0 allows users to add multiple email addresses to their service and use a different “Sent From” for each address. This is great for BlackBerry users with multiple email addresses who want to limit email overlap (like responding to your Gmail account emails without using your work email, for example).

Right now they’re only offering BIS 2.0 to new subscribers, with the intent of transferring over existing customers once they have the kinks worked out. However, they were kind enough to switch me over (it seems working for BlackBerry Cool does have some pull) so calling customer support and asking politely might just do the trick. Be warned, however: to switch you over, they have to erase your account, so make sure to back up any emails you have.

Loyal BlackBerry Cool reader Jeff Cook also tipped us off that Cingular is also now offering BIS 2.0 service. Go check it out.