Rogers 7130g announcement coming this week


BlackBerry 7130gThe word on is that Rogers is set to officially announce the BlackBerry 7130g sometime this week, possibly even as early as tomorrow. This follows hot on the heels of Cingular’s 7130c announcement last week (they’re essentially the same device).

Corroborating evidence, you ask? First, we have this link to Roger’s wireless technical support page, where the 7130g is listed, but no image or text is up yet. Second, we have this link showing dates and times for Roger’s internal launch parties for the 7130g (events in Toronto and London happened last week).

No report on when the device will be available for purchase, although several BlackBerry Cool spies are saying the beginning of fall seems about right. This is a shame seeing as lucky Rogers employees have a chance to win the 7130g at the launch parties, but we’re thinking that they’re holding off to time the launch with the back to school rush (this sounds silly unless you’ve been to a university campus recently and seen how many students are carrying around the 7100r. Most university students also make new handset purchases during their return to school in the fall). We’ll keep you informed on anything more that we learn.

Thanks to Nick for the tip!