Amzer 8700 BlackBerry Cradle Reviewed

First up is the blue LED that rests on the front of the cradle and indicates when it is plugged in (not when your BlackBerry is charging, sadly). So brilliant and distracting is this little blue hellion that you will eventually and inevitably choose to either cover it with tape or turn away the cradle itself (which both limits BlackBerry accessibility and blinds fellow co-workers). We are not exaggerating its annoyance; it will anger you.

Next is the docking functionality of the cradle itself. The USB connector to your BlackBerry is not long enough to hold it securely, causing your BlackBerry to stop charging from a few taps to its keys or even while it is sitting untouched. Another reviewer has kindly pointed out that you can get a newer version of the cradle to correct the problem, but we can only review what we have. Also, the cradle is designed in such a way that the left-hand side convenience button and headset input jack are completely inaccessible while your BlackBerry is docked.

Amzer’s 8700 BlackBerry Cradle isn’t all bad, however. While docked, you BlackBerry does rest at a great angle for desktop reading and the design flaws mentioned above are mostly eliminated by the updated cradle release and solid speakerphone support (or if you have a Bluetooth headset). However, if you bought Amzer’s cradle, you’d essentially be paying 24.95 USD for a device that doesn’t really offer you anything more than the USB cable that comes with your BlackBerry. If your still craving a cradle, hold off at least until you read our review of the Pacific Rim 8700 BlackBerry Cradle we just got in today (it’ll be up later this week).

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February 28th, 2007 at 6:45 pm


Well, I am as a customer not atall satisfy with your crap. I have this cradle as well other. I saved almost 30 - 40 % time while charging my Blackberry.

The interesting point here is that the quick charge point is in cable itself which has been supplied with this cradle and not in this cradle itself.

That cable with a round drum is a master piece which certainly working great for me



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