Treo 700p reviewed


Palm Treo 700p

Fellow bloggers Palm Infocenter just recently posted an in-depth review of the Treo 700p. Here’s a bullet-point breakdown:

A higher density 320 x 320 pixel display compared to Treo700w
A more “square thumb” keyboard arrangement instead of the rounded oval keys on past Treos
Awkward relocation of the key navigational array (i.e. ‘home’ and ‘menu’ keys)
Vastly improved internal memory and device stability compared to the Treo 650
The 700p camera is very dim and washed out in low light conditions
Excellent one-hand operation
2-3 days of heavy usage on a single battery charge

The Treo is a device that can have a direct impact on your productivity both inside and away from the office. But unlike the BlackBerry the Treo can be much more than just a business tool. It can handle a number of different roles, from a high powered PDA phone, to a portable music and video entertainment device to a pocketable email machine and it does so with ease and style.

To read the review in its entirety, go here.

Palm Treo 700p