Oodles of Motorola Q News


Motorola QWe’ve got a couple of things to tell you about the Motorola Q, so let’s just get into it then, shall we? First, for our fellow Canadians: Telus will be the first Canadian carrier to sell the Q. Don’t believe me? Well, check out Telus’ website for confirmation. Engadget Mobile thinks that the Canadian Q will drop after a 6 month period of exclusivity for Verizon, but this page (as well as forums chatter) seem to indicate that it will be coming much sooner.

Here’s another morsel of Q info for you: Ron Garriques apparently claimed recently that the Motorola Q will drop in price to $50 after carrier subsidy by the end of 2006, which seems like a major incentive for any fence-sitters out there. Garriques also claimed that Motorola will launch a UMTS version when Verizon’s exclusivity contract on the device ends, probably on the Cingular network. Exciting time for Q fans, isn’t it?