HP iPAQ rw6828 Reviewed


HP iPAQrw6828

CNET.com.au has a review of the recently released HP iPAQ rw6828 up on their site. They seem fairly enamoured with the device’s multimedia features (mini-SD slot, 2.0 megapixel camera, solid audio/visual support), EDGE and WiFi support, Windows Mobile 5.0 “push” email support, long battery life, and a bright 240×320 screen. They conclude the review by calling the iPAQ rw6828 “The BlackBerry for non-corporate users who require extensive multimedia capabilities, in addition to push-email.”

Without a keyboard or scrollwheel, the iPAQ rw6828 is definetly not a competitor for the BlackBerry demographic (you have to “type” emails with a stylus). However, for those looking for a multimedia focused PDA and don’t require extensive email use, the iPAQ rw6828 seems worth checking out. The full review can be read here.