Myriad BlackBerry 8707v Release Announcements


8707vWith the BlackBerry 8707 being RIM’s smartphone darling of the moment, we’re bound to keep hearing carrier announcements from all over the world about the device. Still, it was a little surprising to see not one, not two, but three announcements come on the same day. It was not, however, surprising that they all involve Vodafone in some way. Here we go:

— SmarTone-Vodafone have launched the BlackBerry 8707v in Hong Kong

— LUXGSM (which has a service agreement with Vodafone) has launched the BlackBerry 8707v in Luxembourg

–Vodafone Netherlands has launched the BlackBerry 8707v in (surprise, surprise) the Netherlands

There, now isn’t that better than sifting through a bunch of press releases? Of course, the main reason why everyone is after the 8707v over its 8700 counterpart is 3G UMTS support.