WeatherBug offers wireless weather alerts



With hurricane season fast approaching, it’s a pretty apt time to talk about WeatherBug. WeatherBug is a company out of Germantown, Md. that has developed a new weather information service. Working in conjunction with Manhattan-based Send Word Now, WeatherBug’s service uses global positioning to pinpoint a subscriber’s location and send targeted weather alerts to a cell phone, BlackBerry or other handheld device.

“Weather lends itself very well to the mobile environment because it has location sensitivity and time sensitivity,” said Kanishka Agarwal, vice president of new products for Telephia Inc., a research company that measures mobile phone Internet use. “It’s instant gratification, and that’s what cell phones provide. “

WeatherBug is one of many similar services weather information providers are offering as a way to customize forecasts for wireless customers wanting up-to-the-minute reports on severe weather, especially in the wake of last year’s disastrous hurricane season. The most common weather alerts come in the form of text messages, which customers tweak according to their own forecast preferences. Text messages require far less bandwidth than voice calls, so they can be delivered faster in inclement weather. GPS technology allows WeatherBug to send messages warning of lightning strikes, wind gusts and high heat indexes.

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3 Responses to “WeatherBug offers wireless weather alerts”

  1. 1 Alex

    So I go to Handango to try and buy the program (sinceit is only available through them) and it is not listed for blackberry. It is for Microsoft though. Good ole’ Handango…..

  2. 2 Bill Andrews

    Me too. Does anyone from BBC, Weatherbug, or Handango know when it will be available???

  3. 3 Randy

    It is available now at Handango.

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