RIM execs are doing alright


Research in MotionThere are good things and bad things about being a corporate executive… Ok, maybe there are only mostly good things about being an exec. The Globe and Mail is reporting that co-CEOs Jim Balsille and Mike Lazaridis during fiscal year 2006. Balsille exercised about $47.7-million worth of options according to Monday’s regulatory filing and Lazaridis exercised about $28.6-million worth of options. At the end of fiscal 2006, Balsille and Lazaridis still held $57.1-million and $74-million in options.

Balsille and Lazaridis both received a salary of $494,214 USD (up 27 per cent from 2005) and 150,000 new options as part of their 2006 compensation packages. The Globe also reported that RIM’s fiscal 2006 sales rose 53 per cent to $2.07-billion, and profit 79 per cent to $382.1-million. So while investor confidence remains low, business is good, boys. Business is very good.

BalsillieMikey CEO of RIM

Two very, very rich men.