Businesses need to be tactical in mobility deployment


An article from ZDNet UK covering the Gartner Midsize Enterprise Summit in Paris has some interesting things to say about mobility adoption. Apparently, during a keynote address at GMES, Gartner research vice president Monica Basso told an audience of IT professionals that the number of companies taking advantage of mobile technology is still relatively small.

“Mobility deployments are limited at the moment. For example only two percent of desktops worldwide are using mobile email — only about 10 million worldwide,” Basso said. However, the group estimates that by 2009, wireless applications will be improving mobile user productivity by 20 percent.

According to Basso, the main issue preventing more companies from developing their mobile strategy is the speed of change in the sector. Basso thinks the solution to the rapid and volitile pace of change in the mobile sector is to start small, impliment limited mobile projects and then expand and adapt if successful.

“Mobile and wireless are evolving rapidly so it’s not possible to do long term investments, it’s better to do short-term tactical projects and keep extending the initial projections with an iterative approach. But need to have a long term goal in terms of what kind of mobile company you want to be,” she explained.

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