Visto spotlight


Wouldn’t you know it, just when we say there’s been little action in RIM’s new patent lawsuit with Visto, the Globe and Mail goes out and publishes a spotlight on the mobile “middleware” email provider in an attempt to put a face on the company that few know anything about. While establishing everything that is known about the two companies and their coming lawsuit, the article is also very much an introspective on the character of the man at the head of the company, Visto’s CEO and President, Brian Bogosian.

Mr. Bogosian is blunt about his personal dislike for Jim Balsillie, RIM’s co-chief executive officer, and says there is a dangerous level of arrogance among his rivals. The impression comes in part from limited dealings between himself and Mr. Balsillie several years ago, which neither executive will discuss on the record.

Bogosian also reacts pretty harshly to claims that Visto is suing RIM simply to gain greater exposure and investment dollars and not to protect their patents.

“Our company is not for sale. Our company is moving aggressively down a path that will make us the global leader, and our investors, our board and this management believe we can be a much more valuable company independently.

“We were earlier to this party than the folks at Research In Motion,” he says.