Ireland gets BlackBerry 8707v


8707vRIM and Vodafone jointly announced today that Ireland is the latest in a series of European countries to receive the 3G BlackBerry 8707v. The BlackBerry 8707v features…

Ok, look: I could write what we here at BlackBerry Cool normally write whenever a carrier announces they’ve picked up a new BlackBerry. I could tell you about the 8707v’s UMTS network capability and ability to tether to a laptop for use as a modem. But if you’ve read BlackBerry Cool at all in the past few weeks, you’ve probably read about 4 or 5 such announcements.

What we’d like to know from our European friends who have actually picked up a 8707v is whether or not 3G matters. Have you found it to be significantly better than the 8700 or whatever BlackBerry you were previously using? Has it had a profound and undeniable effect on your life, or is it just business as usual? Post a comment and let us know (or maybe there’s a certain contest you would like to participate in to receive free Magmic games).