Mobile industry jumping past 3G


Analysts at Research and Markets have released a new report on the mobile industry entitled “2006 Global Mobile Data – battle between HSDPA and WiMAX.” Interestingly, the report states that while most countries have yet to fully invest in 3G networks, the industry is already moving towards 3.5G (or 3.25G, whatever you want to call it) technologies (see Vodafone’s HSDPA announcement for an early indication of this).

With 3G still in its infancy in North America (and we’re talking diaper stages here, folks), we’ll probably see quite a few carriers looking to the European leaders like Vodafone before they dedicate themselves to promoting 3G (like a major 4th quarter sales push, for example). Carriers like Cingular and Rogers will most likely make a direct jump to HSDPA or better when they feel the technology and market have settled.

For more info on Research and Markets’ report, go here.