The BlackBerry is Iconic


An article by discussing the world’s most iconic cell phones has placed our beloved BlackBerry in the hall of fame. Although it’s no surprise to probably anyone who comes to this site and shares a deep and gentle love for their BlackBerry (I named mine Fred), the article had this to say:

The BlackBerry hybrid cell phone and e-mail device catapulted Canada-based Research In Motion from obscurity to the corporate prime time. On trains and in airport lounges, scores of white-collar suits thumb their “CrackBerry” keyboards and scroll-wheels to keep up with the latest grumblings from the office. When RIM settled its multi-year patent dispute earlier this year that could have shuttered service, you could practically hear a sigh of relief from every corporate boardroom along the Eastern U.S. seaboard.

Although some would say that RIM’s various BlackBerrys are not as iconic in design as, oh, the Motorola RAZR, sometimes design isn’t the only thing that matters.

To qualify as iconic, most of our phones featured breakthrough designs, challenging prior devices with size, shape and style. But utility and mass adoption are just as important–if people don’t buy them, it’s hard to say they’re relevant.

With something like 5 million BlackBerry users and counting, I’d say they’re relevant.