The sizes up mobile battleground


There’s a great article at sizing up the looming mobile battleground between Motorola (Q), Nokia (E61) and RIM (8707). Author Tero Kuittinen really looks beyond device specs to analyze the three competitors in terms of pricing and their attempts to launch into new markets.

Serious trouble is brewing for Research In Motion, which is being squeezed by two price-cut experts and is now pinning its hopes on notoriously tough Asian markets. Tokyo’s Akihabara is a graveyard for Western electronics companies — from video games to mobile phones, Japan has resisted Western brands fiercely for decades. South Korea isn’t much easier, and Motorola’s recent resurgence there makes BlackBerry’s challenge even more formidable.

Kuittinen says that RIM isn’t the only one that’s in tough, however. While RIM is expected to add about 3 million BlackBerry subscribers this year, he’s concerned by Motorola and Nokia’s sales projections (12 and 10 million respectively), wondering how both companies can actually meet these high sales goals. Interestingly, Kuittinen says that while there is probably not enough room in the market to support 3 victors, it is also likely that only one company will survive the mobile wars. We’ll just have to wait and see.