Verizon Improves EV-DO network


Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless announced today that they have selected Lucent to deploy CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) technology into their nationwide network. With this agreement, Lucent will continue to be one of Verizon Wireless’ primary next-generation network infrastructure suppliers; financial details are not being disclosed. The contract for Lucent’s Rev. A solution also consists of incremental hardware and software upgrades to Verizon Wireless’ existing Lucent-supplied base stations.

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A is an enhanced version of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO that increases the efficiency, data speeds and capacity of existing EV-DO networks (similar to an HSDPA upgrade to UMTS networks). EV-DO Rev. A enables users to receive data at speeds up to 3.1 Megabits per second and send data at speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps. These increased data speeds reduce data latency and will enable Verizon to deliver VoIP and other high-end 3G multimedia services.