Jim Balsille Says: a new BlackBerry will have “image capture”


BalsillieThis isn’t that big of a deal, seeing as we already knew that RIM was working on BlackBerrys with MP3 playback, video, memory expansion and image capture, but in light of a recent BlackBerry Cool editorial, it does make us feel good. eWeek.com is reporting that RIM CEO Jim Balsillie, speaking at the C3 expo yesterday, told the crowd that future BlackBerrys would feature “image capture” — i.e. a camera.

Balsillie also said that RIM would be introducing new features to BlackBerry devices, including MP3 players, video, memory expansion and image capture, very soon. In addition, he said that GPS would be included in virtually all BlackBerry devices, except for some that would work with a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

The inclusion of GPS in every device is pretty interesting as well, seeing as I misplace myBlackBerry almost as much we do the tv remote here at BlackBerry Cool HQ. But with GPS tracking, my absentmindedness will be a thing of the past!

Update: I missed this before, but Balsille also said that there will be dual-mode (i.e. WiFi and cellular) BlackBerrys coming out by the end of the year. Cool.