Jim Balsillie: We are pleased with our results


BalsillieSpeaking during RIM’s investor conference call, CEO Jim Balsillie said he was happy that RIM had remained in line with all fiscal projections. Here’s some of the things he said:

RIM shipped 1.2 million units this quarter, compared to 1.1 last quarter.
RIM added 680,000 devices during the quarter (which was in line with quarter projections) and now have 5.5 million BlackBerry devices total worldwide.
RIM had 1.26 billion in CAPEX during the first quarter, expect Q2 CAPEX to be higher and Q3 to be lower than Q2.
RIM is projecting revenue to 520-550 million USD higher in Q2 than in Q1.
RIM is projecting a 675-700,000 BlackBerry subscriber increase in Q2.
RIM expects R&D to increase 8-9% in Q2 and will be 9% of revenue.