Resilient BlackBerrys?


NeverFailBased in Texas, The Neverfail Group, sells systems designed to help computer networks operate during disasters. CNET is reporting that after catering to the Windows Server market, the company thinks the next step is protection for handhelds, including our beloved BlackBerry.

“BlackBerrys are used by so many senior executives now. Many IT managers know that the BlackBerry is supposed to be a low priority but if it fails then that’s what they’ll get a call from the CEO about,” explained Neil Robinson, Neverfail’s chief executive, in an interview with ZDNet UK this week.

Could we soon see resilient, or fault-tolerant BlackBerrys? They’re already a fairly stable device as it is, but if Neverfail can make it so that I don’t have to wipe my BlackBerry every time I get a JVM error, I’m down.