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Palm’s results in

Jun 29, 2006: 

Palm has just released their earning results for the fiscal first quarter at $27.2 million USD, or 25 cents per share, up from $17.7 million USD, or 17 cents per share, from a year ago. Palm’s revenue grew 20% to $403.1 million USD from $335.8 million USD. Analysts polled by Thomson Financial were expecting […]

RIM’s 1Q Results In

Jun 29, 2006: 

RIM just released their earnings results from the fiscal first quarter. At $129.8 million USD, or 68 cents a share, RIM’s profits dipped slightly, compared to $132.5 million USD, or 67 cents a share a year ago, even as sales rose 35% from a year ago. RIM also reported a revenue of $613 million USD, […]

Orange to offer email services

Jun 29, 2006: 

Reuters is reporting that French telecomm company Orange announced today that they are expanding into mobile email services for small to medium-sized enterprises. This isn’t so much an attempt to take a slice from RIM’s business so much as it is an attempt to expand the pie.
Today, only around 10 percent of small and medium […]

Analyst’s take on RIM’s earnings

Jun 29, 2006: 

The Associated Press has released an earnings preview for RIM’s fiscal first quarter report that’s happening at 5pm EST today. The preview gives a nice retelling of the events surrounding RIM in the past few months before getting down to the juicy bits. RIM released a first-quarter earnings forecast in April expecting earnings of 60 […]

Jim Balsille Says: RIM to expand BlackBerry Connect to CDMA carriers

Jun 29, 2006: 

All you Verizon Wireless customers rejoice. During the same C3 Expo keynote, RIM CEO Jim Balsille also said that they’re expanding BlackBerry Connect to work with CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) carriers. Right now BlackBerry Connect only works with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) devices — the reason? CDMA isn’t really found outside of […]

Jim Balsille Says: security is RIM’s “long suit”

Jun 29, 2006: 

Echoing earlier statements made by his co-CEO, Jim Balsille also mentioned that while RIM is expanding its role in several areas of enterprise activity, “The most important thing in wireless data is security.” Calling security BlackBerry’s “long suit,” Balsille said that RIM’s focus on security is what has made them the darlings of government agencies […]

Jim Balsille Says: no comment

Jun 29, 2006: 

At the C3 Expo yesterday, RIM CEO Jim Balsille refused to comment on the rumors that RIM is in discussions to buy Palm, which they could announce today. He would only say that he saw RIM as “one in a plurality of wireless device providers.”
Update: The Toronto Star has a more lengthy quote that puts […]

Is RIM making a big mistake with the Stealth?

Jun 28, 2006: 

So here’s what we know so far: coming from a fairly reliable source (who broke the news on the BlackBerry 8700 way back when), we have a grainy picture of a BlackBerry that is set to be released some time in November or December. Very similar in design to the 7130c, the BlackBerry “Stealth” looks […]

Piper Jaffray recommends short-term caution with RIM

Jun 28, 2006: is reporting that analysts from Piper Jaffray are advising near-term caution on RIM’s stock in the face of their upcoming performance report on the first quarter of fiscal 2007 tomorrow. However, the analysts also said that RIM’s stock had a more positive long-term outlook, due to new products and increased subscriber growth.
“While we believe […]