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Market responds to RIM’s results


RIM Stock

Quick post on the stock market response to RIM’s financial report and investor conference call today: at the time of this post (7pmish EST) RIM’s stock (NASDAQ: RIMM) is up 3.77 USD in aftermarket trading, an increase of 5.72%, after closing today at 65.98 USD. RIM’s stock had been wavering recently, setting new lows for 2006; today’s confident results from RIM could do much to change their perception on the market.

As always, we’ll keep you informed as things progress.

RIM execs answer questions


Research in MotionFor those who can’t get to it, or don’t want to sit through it, we’re transcribing some of the questions investors are asking RIM CEOs Jim Balsille and Mike Lazaridis during their investor conference call. We’ll keep updating this until it’s over… (unaccredited answers are because we couldn’t recognize their voice. Sorry)

What is the impact of the Q?

When it comes to price competitiveness, we’re fine on that. The reviews that you read out there, they accurately characterize what you see in the market. Just read the performance reviews out there and you’ll see a very clear indication there… Its impact I wouldn’t even qualify as noticeable.

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Mike Lazaridis: RIM’s focus is new products, partnerships and growing markets


Mikey CEO of RIMSpeaking during RIM’s investor conference call, CEO Mike Lazaridis didn’t really cover any juicy financial information like his counterpart Balsille, but he did have some interesting things to say:

25% of RIM’s subscriber base is using BIS, which they’re taking as an indication that they’re ready to tackle the consumer market. RIM is finalizing their plans on this during the summer, which they’ll announce to us then.
RIM added 29 business partners this quarter.
40 carriers are now supporting BIS 2.0.

Jim Balsillie: We are pleased with our results


BalsillieSpeaking during RIM’s investor conference call, CEO Jim Balsillie said he was happy that RIM had remained in line with all fiscal projections. Here’s some of the things he said:

RIM shipped 1.2 million units this quarter, compared to 1.1 last quarter.
RIM added 680,000 devices during the quarter (which was in line with quarter projections) and now have 5.5 million BlackBerry devices total worldwide.
RIM had 1.26 billion in CAPEX during the first quarter, expect Q2 CAPEX to be higher and Q3 to be lower than Q2.
RIM is projecting revenue to 520-550 million USD higher in Q2 than in Q1.
RIM is projecting a 675-700,000 BlackBerry subscriber increase in Q2.
RIM expects R&D to increase 8-9% in Q2 and will be 9% of revenue.

Palm’s results in


PalmPalm has just released their earning results for the fiscal first quarter at $27.2 million USD, or 25 cents per share, up from $17.7 million USD, or 17 cents per share, from a year ago. Palm’s revenue grew 20% to $403.1 million USD from $335.8 million USD. Analysts polled by Thomson Financial were expecting earnings of 23 cents per share on revenue of $401.7 million USD.

The company said Treo sales reached a milestone, surpassing for the first time $1 billion in annual revenue as it shipped 2.3 million units in its fiscal 2006.

RIM’s 1Q Results In


Research in MotionRIM just released their earnings results from the fiscal first quarter. At $129.8 million USD, or 68 cents a share, RIM’s profits dipped slightly, compared to $132.5 million USD, or 67 cents a share a year ago, even as sales rose 35% from a year ago. RIM also reported a revenue of $613 million USD, up from last year’s $454 million USD. RIM beat the estimates of analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call, who forecast a profit of 65 cents a share on $602 million USD in revenue.

“RIM delivered a solid quarter with strong revenue, earnings and subscriber results,” said Jim Balsillie, Chairman and Co-CEO at RIM. “BlackBerry’s ongoing competitive dominance is driving strong growth in existing markets and fuelling substantial international expansion.”

To see RIM’s full financial release, go here.