Canadians probably are Luddites


Maybe answering our question for us, global market research company Synovate has released a report on technological adoption and interest, and Canadians are lagging. 52% of Canadians say that they could live without any of their high-tech gadgets, compared to countries like Saudi Arabia (87%), Romania (65%) and India (60%) who state that having the newest technological gadget is important, and 45% of respondents worldwide who say that they could not live without their mobile phones.

Robin Brown, Senior Vice President at Synovate Toronto, attributes this to a number of factors. “The older population relative to some of the developing markets surveyed is one. The less significant role that these products play in showing status in Canada is another. We also tend to see later adoption of mobile technology among consumers across North America compared to Europe due to the history of our phone systems.”

The report, which has some great info on the brand perception of tech companies, can be found here.