China about to explode into 3G


China MobileAnalysys International has said in a recent report that China’s first round of investment on 3G equipments will reach approx. 1.25-2.5 billion USD. AI is also reporting that China’s 3G equipment market has already been activated quietly and some foreign vendors have started their PR campaigns targeted at operators. China’s 3G equipment market has already been activated quietly. Expecting the first 3G license to be issued by the Chinese government sometime this year, which operator’s name is at the top of the list? RIM’s good friend China Mobile.

“If China Mobile get the first license, it will have enough capability and capital to carry out the construction of 3G network. While if China Telecom get the license, it will probably solve the problem of capital gap by indirect financing,” says Mr. Cui Xiaolong, analyst from Analysys International.

Sounds like it’s a pretty good time for RIM to be launching BlackBerrys in China. Maybe something of the 8707 persuasion, perhaps?