Pocket Express Reviewed


Pocket Express


Another handy new addition to Pocket Express is the Dictionary/Thesaurus Channel. Using the Oxford American dictionary and Thesaurus for reference, this PE channel provides a solid word database as well as a pronunciation guide and “history” list of previous words you’ve searched for. A great little channel.


A channel that seems solely designed to keep you up to date with the latest Pocket Express and Handmark news. Not that interesting, although we were excited to learn from the blog that Handmark is giving away a Porche, so it pays to check it out once in awhile.


The Extras page is also a new addition to Pocket Express. Beyond providing “entertainment reading” like the Dear Abby, Astrology and News of the Weird channels, it’s also a mini store, where you can buy software and even games for your BlackBerry. Not an overwhelming addition to PE, but it definitely rounds out the content offering. Being able to check your horoscope and then buy games from your BlackBerry for your BlackBerry is a luxury few have known.


With a free version available, the question really isn’t whether you should use Pocket Express; the AP News, Sports and Weather channels, along with the Extras page, provide solid content in an easy to use and read format. The real question is whether PE’s other offerings are enough to justify paying $7.00 a month or $70.00 a year. Our answer: probably. With channels like 411, Stock and Dictionary, PE provides just enough functionality for the software to be useful for anyone. While each channel isn’t perfect, they certainly do enough to validate their inclusion (although we’ll keep using Conveyor for our non-AP news). If you’ve ever desired an application that proved your BlackBerry can do more than email (and do it well), then Pocket Express is right up your alley. But you don’t have to take our word for it, if you download PE from the link we’re providing you below, Handmark will give you two free weeks to try all the paid content and make a decision for yourself. We think you’ll probably find something you like.

To download Pocket Express, click here.