DoCoMo plans ‘Long Term Evolution’

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Long Term Evolution, what’s that? Apparently that’s the standardized name given by the 3G Partnership Project (3GPP) for a new form of ‘Super 3G’ that Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo plans to unveil by the end of 2009 (which, of course, we probably won’t see in North America until 2011). The Super 3G or LTE standard is expected to provide superfast downlink data rates of over 100Mbps and uplink data rates of over 50Mbps by using highly advanced versions of high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) and high-speed uplink packet access (HSUPA).

This is great news for 3G fans out there: because Super 3G consists mainly of software upgrades to pre-existing 3G towers, distribution of the standard will happen very quickly. What we’re seeing here is essentially the future of data access for BlackBerrys and all other types of handsets. The 3GPP should have the Super 3G technology standardized some time in 2007, so stay tuned.

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