Treo at the head of the pack


PalmMobile market analysts M:Metrics have released the findings of their May Benchmark Survey. Among other things, M:Metrics looked closely at which smartphone has the highest subscription rate in North America among consumers. The answer? Palm’s GSM and CDMA versions of the Treo 650 claimed the top two spots with a subscription total of 842,713. RIM’s BlackBerry 7520 was in a distant third with 267,912 subscribers. In the UK, France and Germany, various Nokia Symbian devices claimed the top three spots.

“Whereas mass-market Symbian devices have flooded the European market, the smart-phones in the hands of most U.S. consumers are high-end devices produced by Palm and RIM that are targeted to appeal to mobile professionals concerned with personal productivity,” said Seamus McAteer, senior analyst and chief product architect, M:Metrics. “The Motorola Q, which is being marketed heavily as a stylish device that’s fun as well as productive, and is being offered at consumer-friendly price points, could help broaden the market for smart-phones and spur content consumption.”

Most Popular Smart-phones Used as Primary Handset

Top 3 France Subscribers
Nokia 6680 374,477
Nokia 6630 287,723
Nokia 6600 98,122

Top 3 Germany Subscribers

Nokia 6630 278,818
Nokia 6600 250,682
Nokia 7650 237,449

Top 3 UK Subscribers

Nokia N70 471,874
Nokia 6680 433,405
Nokia 6630 341,718

Top 3 US Subscribers
Palm Treo 650CDMA 573,660
Palm Treo 650GSM 269,053
RIM BlackBerry 7520 267,912

At two percent penetration, the U.S. lags Western Europe in smartphone ownership. Britain tops France and Germany, at 6.6 percent market adoption. Go here to read more from M:Metrics report.