Daily Archive for July 11th, 2006

Signs of BlackBerry obsession


This is going too far...New Zealand’s Stuff has a great article up about tech obsession that of course includes references to our favorite mobile device. A top ten list of signs that you’re technologically obsessed, the BlackBerry came up twice. The most interesting sign? Apparently some CrackBerry addicts check their mail during sex.

“If you’re finding yourself escaping to check your email when you’re having sex or in a moment that should be very relaxed, very tender, very intimate; when you should be giving 100 per cent to another person and you’re still yearning [for] the ‘get mail’ button, I think it’s a sign you’ve gone too far.”

That’s beyond addiction. You can read the rest of the article here.

Jim Balsillie wants to change the world


BalsillieThis probably won’t be of much interest to all you CrackBerry addicts out there, but it’s something that should be posted anyways. The Globe and Mail has a great article on RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie’s efforts to use his wealth to improve political infrastructures designed to analyze and combat the problems of our day.

Stating that “more technology goes into building a car door than goes to reforming global institutions,” Balsillie has invested $20 million of his own money (along with help from Mike Lazaridis and the Ontario government) to found the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). Not surprisingly, one of the tenets of the CIGI is that technology can be used to improve lives.

Jim Balsillie’s efforts are a perfect example of what more people should strive to achieve: using your success to help lift others. We’re proud of you, Jim!

VoIP International Calls for BlackBerry?


MINO WirelessWe’re not sure yet to label this one under “too good to be true” or just “soooo good”: MINO Wireless has announced that they’re offering an application that allows BlackBerry users to use VoIP to make long distance calls that are 70% cheaper than normal. This is huge news for anyone that regularly has to make long distance calls and uses their BlackBerry as their primary (or only) phone.

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T-Mobile launches Microsoft “push” email


T-MobileTechworld.com is reporting that T-Mobile has announced the launch of Microsoft Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2-based push email for all Windows Mobile 5.0 devices on their network.

“We already provide Blackberry, and are strong in the consumer area,” said Jote Bassi, marketing manager for data at T-Mobile. “We are now focusing on the business market. Likely customers for this will have forty, fifty or more mobile users.”

Because T-Mobile won’t host any servers, this service is for corporate use only. However, a £17 “Web’n’walk Professional” flat data rate (2GB max) should entice a lot of customers.

Alltel offers credit-card payment network for BlackBerry


Alltel WirelessMobile operator Alltel has announced that traveling sales representatives will now be able to take credit-card payments using their wireless network solution. Named MobileCharge, the system will allow sales professionals to take secure, real-time payments outside of the office using their BlackBerry 7250, 7130e or Palm Treo.

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Cramer vs. Cramer


Jim CramerRemember about a week before RIM posted their financial results and market analyst/host of CNBC’s Mad Money Jim Cramer told you to buy their stock? Well, our favorite talking head has changed his tune.

Speaking last night on his show about RIM during his “Mad Money Lightning Round,” Cramer said this:

“It’s kind of like Mobil, [the stock is] just too high. And yet, I think RIM’s going to have a good quarter. Steel yourself for pain … but then I would c’mon back it.”

Please, Mr. Cramer, don’t toy with us and our beloved RIM. Are we in for pain or giant sacks of money? The way you talk it makes it seem like both, you masochist you.