Market still unclear about RIM’s future


WallstreetTwo new reports from tell us that those crazy kids on Wall Street still can’t make up their minds about what’s going to happen to RIM long term. Analyst Matthew Hoffman from Cowen and Company still fears external pressure from the likes of Motorola, Nokia and Microsoft as catalysts to RIM’s downfall, noting that if the BlackBerry starts to lose too much market share to the Motorola Q and Nokia E61, they might have to reduce margins and lower the BlackBerry’s price to stay competitive.

However, the Gurus over at Marketocracy are big on RIM, liking their recent earnings report and HBES announcement. The Gurus also recommended selling Nokia stock, despite their recently announced $150 million supply deal with China Mobile.

As with all things market related, we really won’t know what’s going to happen to RIM or any other wireless industry player until Jim Cramer tells us so.