U.S. Army okays BlackBerry smart card reader


BlackBerry Smart CardSecureIDNews is reporting that the U.S. Army and technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton have given a thumbs-up to the security of the new smart card reader for the Blackberry. The device can be worn on a lanyard, holds a Common Access Card (CAC) or other smart card, and communicates via Bluetooth with the Blackberry for multi-factor authentication, encrypted email, document signing, and other security needs.

Apparently this is big news for the U.S. Army, as the previous CAC holder had to be physically connected to the BlackBerry, and was considered to be a “a cumbersome mobile solution that was susceptible to multiple failures, thus threatening mission-critical communication.”

What I want to know is when we’ll see the laser-guided scope attachments for military BlackBerrys. Or at least camouflaged models.