Simon Avery Speaks, Talks Consumer BlackBerry


Simon AveryGlobe and Mail technology reporter Simon Avery held an online Q&A with readers today concerning RIM and the BlackBerry. While Avery covered a bevy of topics, including RIM’s advantage in security and their stock forecast, the main focus was on the one thing that everyone wants to talk about: RIM’s consumer BlackBerry.

Avery stated that one of RIM’s most important decisions in the coming year was deciding how deeply they want to pursue the consumer market. Interestingly, Avery also contrasted statements previously made by RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis and claimed that RIM would most likely not develop a separate consumer line of BlackBerrys, but instead try to incorporate consumer-style features into their standard lineup.

The idea of a separate “fun” model for the consumer makes some sense, but I think RIM really wants to fold the new features smartly into existing business models because they don’t want executive users moving to other devices on the weekends and after hours. They want the BlackBerry to be the single, must-have device. The challenge is how to add these rich features without disrupting the efficiency of RIM’s model, which uses low bandwidth and power.

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