Fuel Cells to power BlackBerrys


Are you tired of fighting around the few available AC outlets in the airport or at the conference you’re attending? Well, the New York Times is reporting that More Energy, a subsidiary of Medis Technologies, looks to have a solution for you in the form of fuel cell chargers for portable devices. Nearly available for commercial release, the 5-ounce fuel cell charger will cost around 20-25 USD and features a unique method of operation.

The fuel cell is housed in a flexible plastic shell a bit larger than a deck of cards. The cell comes with a cable to link it to the device that needs recharging. Squeeze the shell — the container resists slightly and pleasantly as it clicks shut — plug in the cable, and the fuel cell starts to do its work: a chemical reaction produces electricity, and a dead Razr is brought to life more swiftly than Frankenstein.

The fuel cell charger sounds like a winner, but we’re looking forward to solar powered BlackBerrys, or maybe ones that generate power when we reply to emails.