Arup chooses Neverfail


NeverFailEngineering consultant Arup has announced that they’ve installed two Neverfail appliances in their London and New York offices. Obviously hearing about Neverfail from us, Arup decided to install the back-up appliances after a system failure last year meant it missed bidding for a major contract. Neverfail’s appliances take a mirror copy of the company’s Blackberry e-mail servers, and are designed to automatically take over if there is a problem with the server.

“We had an issue in the UK where we were upgrading our Exchange server and somehow the database got out of synchronisation. We had to find everyone in the UK with Blackberries to get them to resynchronise their devices,” said Ali. Because Arup’s consultants are frequently travelling, it was over two months before all UK staff had their Blackberries resychronised.

Quick question to all our IT friends out there: Neverfail’s system sure sounds great, but how often do scenarios like the one above actually happen? Inquiring minds want to know.