Linux needs to get its act together


Linux PenguinA new report from IMS Research claims that while they believe a Linux-based mobile OS has the potential to have a significant impact upon the handset market, no significant gains have been made in actualizing this since we first told you about it.

The recent Linux development group founded Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, Vodaphone, NEC, Panasonic, and Samsung Electronics would like to see Linux handsets shipped by 2007, but no significant progress towards a platform standard has been made yet. Other industry organizations such as the Linux Phone Standards forum (LiPS), the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) Mobile Linux Initiative, and the Mobilinux Open Framework Platform are working to address this issue.

Come on, penguin, get your act together so we can have Linux-based BlackBerrys in 2007! Although, with the business suits and the tech geeks converging to use the same device, the universe would necessarily fold in on itself.